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All foreign nationals who wish to settle down in Mauritius may invest in a villa to receive their Residence Permit.

Purchasing or investing in any real estate property falling under specific schemes (IRS, RES, PDS, IHS and Smart City) and exceeding €315,000 ($375,000) grants foreign nationals a Residence Permit.

Foreigners may also purchase an apartment in condominium developments of at least two levels above ground (G+2). These are usually priced starting at 150,000€ ($165,000).

Home Buyer’s Warranty
The Mauritian Government requires the mandatory use of a contract under the VEFA (Vente de Etat Futur d’Achèvement) status (also known as “Buying Off-Plan”) This implies buying a property which hasn’t been completed. Upon signing the deed of sale, the purchaser becomes the owner of the land under future completion. Funds must be transferred to an escrow account in a Mauritian bank at different stages of construction, in accordance with the tender and payment terms specified by the promoter.

Mauritian Tax Resident
Purchasing a villa in Mauritius not only grants you a Residence Permit, but also allows you to become a Mauritian Tax Resident. Villa owners benefit from the Double Taxation Agreements signed with 35 countries, allowing them to enjoy an advantageous fiscal framework:

  • A 15% income tax rate
  • A 5% tax at the time of purchase
  • No property or inheritance tax
  • No capital gains tax if you sell your house
  • No General Social Contribution (CSG), property tax nor housing tax

Applicants who request expert guidance or support from VisaMauritius shall receive a quotation after review of their application.


To be eligible to purchase a real estate property under the IRS, RES, PDS, IHS or Apartment G+2 (at least 2 floors above ground) schemes, you must meet the following requirements

  • PDS Villa or Apartments: a minimum investment of €315,000 ($350,000) or
  • Apartments G+2: a minimum investment of €150,000 ($165,000) or
  • You must be a foreign national or
  • You must have a business incorporated or registered under the Companies Act 2011 or
  • You must have established a société, where its deed of formation is deposited with the Registrar of Companies and governed by the Code Civil Mauricien or
  • You must be a limited partnership under the Limited Partnership Act or
  • You must have a trust, with trusteeship services provided by a qualified trustee whose license has been duly granted by the Financial Services Commission or
  • You must have a foundation, under the Foundations Act.

* It is mandatory for you to have a valid return ticket.

*All foreign travelers entering Mauritius are required to possess a passport valid for at least 6 months following your departure date from Mauritius. We strongly recommend that you have unused visa pages, allowing for necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. We also urge you to check if you require a separate transit visa for any connections on your way to Mauritius.