Dependant Permit

 700.00 ($750)



A Dependent Visa grants the dependents of a holder of a resident permit to travel to or reside in Mauritius. A Dependent is defined as a spouse or unmarried children below the age of 24.

It is mandatory for a dependent’s visa to be tied to the principal visa holder. The dependent will be granted a Residence Permit. The dependant’s length of stay in Mauritius is tied to the principal’s length of stay.


To be eligible for a Dependent Permit, you must meet the following requirements

  • If you are the spouse, you will need to have a valid marriage certificat.
  • The Dependent’s visa must be tied to that of his/her spouse.
  • Your spouse must have a valid permit.
  • Applicants cannot be suffering from a communicable disease that presents a threat to the general public, and must satisfy the health requirements before a visa is granted. The candidate must undergo a medical examination in Mauritius, by a local medical examination center.

* It is mandatory for you to have a valid return ticket.

*All foreign travelers entering Mauritius are required to possess a passport valid for at least 6 months following your departure date from Mauritius. We strongly recommend that you have unused visa pages, allowing for necessary stamps upon arrival and departure. We also urge you to check if you require a separate transit visa for any connections on your way to Mauritius.


The fee for a Dependent Visa is €700 ($750) and does not include the mandatory government-imposed fees for the issuance of the permit:

  • €125 ($135) per applicant

Candidates can opt to have their applications analysed by an immigration expert at a fee of €120 ($130). This time-saving step ensures that your application is complete and contains all the necessary information.